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Sunday, 25 November 2012

Miracles of Nature

Last Monday saw the conclusion of the BBC's new three part series Richard Hammond's Miracles of Nature. For those that haven't seen it, Richard Hammond, better known for his escapades on Top Gear and Total Wipeout, explores how the world of nature has inspired inventions at the forefront of human technology and innovation, with everything from a kingfisher's eye helping to create a new type of camera which can see underwater from a distance far above the water's surface, to a butterfly wing leading to a material which can make any object completely waterproof. It's a great series, and Richard Hammond is an excellent host, being both funny and informative. You don't need to have a degree in engineering or physics to understand or enjoy the series, and The Technology Room urges anyone with a remote interest in science or even evolution with a spare few hours to have a watch. Something's bound to interest you, whether it be a cuttlefish helping turn a tank invisible, or a crab's exoskeleton inspiring a robotic suit which can increase the user's strength tenfold. All three episodes are on BBC iPlayer until tomorrow evening, and the first episode is available here.

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